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REAL SALT LAKE – Fan Made Video

A fantastic and motivational RSL video made by a passionate fan of the Claret and Cobalt.

Kyle Beckerman features in “Taking the Lead”

RSL’s captain talk about what being a captain is.

Real’s first goal of the season celebration @ The Republican

This brings back memories of celebrations for Donovan’s goal at the 2010 World Cup!

March is Coming

A great fan-made video that should pump you up for the season opener!

Believe RSL + Lyrics

This year’s brand new chant that should be pulsing throughout the RioT!

Here’s the lyrics for all you fans that should be memorizing our anthem:

If you believe then just stand up on your feet,

And shout it loud, Real!

Here at the RioT the battle hymn’s begun,

We’re here for RSL!