About The Claretpapers

My name is Ben Anderson.  I’m a younger aged Real Salt Lake fan.  Yes, a young guy, writing a blog on RSL.  I’ve always liked to express myself through writing and nothing can trump my passion for RSL.  I started the ClaretPapers as a way to get my say out to the rest of the Real Salt Lake world.  Before creating this blog I would find myself reading every article with information pertaining to Real.  I quickly became frustrated with tons of articles all stating the exact same news and information as other articles, just worded differently.  What was even worse was when I’d read articles or hear announcers state incorrect information.  It was around then that I decided I needed to inject my voice into the world of any Real Salt Lake fan searching for news.

My mission with ClaretPapers is to stand out from other blogs and news sources by posting original and colorful information about the claret and cobalt clad club that I’ve fallen in love with, RSL.  I don’t want to take all of the emotion out of my writing.  Real Salt Lake fans are passionate.  I want that to be apparent in my posts.

I can’t take all the credit for the creation of the ClaretPapers.  If I had never discovered Under The Crossbar, a Real Salt Lake club created by Matt Montgomery, in its early days, I don’t think I would have ever had the realization that any fan with enough determination, passion, and drive could influence the entire Real Salt Lake world.  I thank Mr. Montgomery for his inspiration.  I also must sincerely thank Taylor Fugate, a photographer who possesses intense passion for the Claret and Cobalt, for sharing his spectacular pictures with me and letting me help spread them to other fans.

Most of all, I think I need to give a share of thanks to my readers who have encouraged me to push forward.


-Ben Anderson

2 responses to “About The Claretpapers”

  1. Jason says :

    Fastastic blog. I’m an utah native living in Korea. Because of the time difference and also a lack of streams I rarely am able to watch any of the matches.
    I just found your blog this season and it’s surely a lifesaver with keeping me up to date with how our guys are doing. Keep up the great work!!!

    RSL 4 Life!
    Jason in Korea

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