RSL under pressure to get back into form as they take on Toronto


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The build up to tonight’s game against Toronto FC seems pretty similar to when Real took on the Rapids and eventually defeated them 2-0 earlier this year.  RSL is a little off their form, coming back to a goal-hungry crowd at the RioT.

The difference?  TFC are winless so far this season and don’t present the chance of any extra rivalry adrenaline kicking in.  Come to think of it, this game is also a lot like the Chivas game earlier this season that Real Salt Lake dropped 1-0 in front of their home fans.

It’s a perfect trap game.  Real is expected to win against a team with a rather terrible history in MLS and is hoping to catch a break.  Only, they won’t.  They can’t either.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Toronto is going to come out swinging.  Just this last week their head coach said that they would make playoffs.  No doubt in his mind.  That’s a pretty dang epic statement from the boss of a team that’s lost all of their first six games of the season.  He’s got something to live up to now.  Toronto has something to live up to now.  And believe me when I say they’re gonna go for it.

Now I believe that the first half hour of the game will be the most critical.  That’s when TFC will be pumped up and ready to go.  If RSL can survive that stage, they can pull of a win with goals afterwards.  If they can score in that stage, it will bring Toronto’s dreams crashing down onto them.  One goal in a game like this against a struggling team like Toronto FC could easily open the floodgates for more.

Real has a tough test on the slate for tonight as long as Toronto keep their heads and come out firing.  RSL will need to get back to playing the “RSL Way” in order to pull off a nice win.


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