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Rocky Mountain Cup: The ins and outs of the 2012 edition


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This year’s installment of the Rocky Mountain Cup rivalry between RSL and the Rapids has the potential to be very high-strung and controversial due to changes across the league.

First off:  The internal drama.  Supporters throughout the Real Salt Lake community have had very mixed reactions to Mark Miller Subaru sponsoring the RMC this season.  The whole issue behind it is that the cup was originally founded and payed for by fans and supporters groups.  The idea of a sponsorship didn’t come through these supporters.  In fact, they were completely unaware of it.  It seems to me that the Real Salt Lake front office found another way to make some money off of companies looking for an opportunity to sponsor RSL.  Some supporters are completely against it and say that the Rocky Mountain Cup simply shouldn’t be sponsored.  Some say that they’re fine with the sponsorship deal but they think that the front office should have negotiated with or alerted major supporters groups first and that some of the money from the deal should be dispersed among supporters groups.  Other fans are completely fine with the idea of a sponsorship on the RMC.

My opinion?  I’ve got some mixed feelings.  I really wish sponsorship was avoided on the RMC to keep it out of the commercial world.  But if there is going to be a money-making deal, I believe some of that money should be given out to the people who brought the Rocky Mountain Cup into existence in the first place.  But my opinion doesn’t really matter in the end, does it?

A little more controversy is added to the competition due to this season’s unbalanced schedule that has Real slated against the Colorado (cRapids) three times, two at the RioT and one in Commerce City.  Now, I’m all happy about this advantage at our fortress, but as you might expect, Colorado fans aren’t too happy with their team’s disadvantage.  Nothing can be done about this.  All Rapid fans can do is complain for now.  But if we still are playing an unbalanced schedule come next season, Colorado will be the club hosting their rival two times out of three.

Play wise, expect strong, hot-blooded efforts from both sides.  Hopefully, Real can pick up its form from past matches.

Be sure to print out this card that supporters will be holding up around the stadium after the national anthem:

See you at the RioT!