Archive | March 27, 2012

A stunning blow at just the wrong moment

First off I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this post and the lack of a match preview.  I was out of town this last weekend on a sort of a vacation and honestly couldn’t find the time to whip out a match preview.

It must be noted that the first loss of the regular season happened in correlation with my first (and hopefully only) missed match.  I don’t plan on ever missing one again.

I have to say, all of the famed Rio Tinto Stadium seemed to let out an exasperated sigh as the final whistle blew on Saturday.  Those fans and committed followers looked at the scoreboard in unbelief.  Real Salt Lake doesn’t lose at home, in the RioT, their fortress.  What’s going on?  What on earth just happened?  Were those my Claret and Cobalt clad boys out there on the pitch?  Was that them that just fell flat to their ex-assistant coach’s side?

The answer:  No.

True, they wore the same crest on their chests and represented the same team, but they did not play the “RSL Way”.  Real didn’t play like Real on Saturday.  That may be an oxymoron, but it’s true.  My first I’d point my finger on is overconfidence.  Even as a fan, I wrote the fixture against CD Chivas USA off as an easy win.  RSL was on fire, beating MLS’ two biggest market teams by two goal margins.  It’s very possible that they were looking to the games ahead instead of taking this match-up as seriously and critically as previous games.

That’s just pure speculation, but whatever the origin, RSL was not in their game mentally against Chivas in front of their home fans.

Let’s hope this isn’t an early repeat of the bad turn of events that fell upon Real last season.  We seem to be in much better shape as of now.  At this point, it’s safe to call RSL’s slip-up as a mental lapse and nothing more.

We’re Still Here For RSL!