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Preview: What to expect against the Red Bulls

It seems that Thierry Henry has already scheduled a loss tonight.  He has already stated that he doesn’t expect his team to win and that New York needs to play more like Real Salt Lake.  For some reason I don’t get the vibe that the Red Bulls are booming with confidence.

NYRB is coming off a loss in Frisco, Texas against FC Dallas.  Dallas dominated the game until the last 20 minutes or so.

Is New York really going to go around proclaiming how bad they are?  Is it some kind of trick?  Probably not.  It’s most likely big players getting frustrated with the rest of their team.  A lot like Rafa Marquez last year after his team fell to Real in NY.

So what should we expect from our RSL knowing that the Red Bulls are struggling.  First of all, we’ll be missing lots of starters.  For the complete list, read my last article.  But Tony Beltran is most likely off the gameday roster too now.  This seems like a great opportunity for new guy Terukazu Tanaka to grab his first minutes of an official MLS match.  He looked pretty good in preseason.  Hopefully he does well.  Secondly, it seems to me that Real’s confidence is booming right now.  There’s always a chance that we choke and give New York a burst of adrenaline and a pile of goals in the back of the net.  But I highly doubt that.  After all, this is the home opener!  RSL expects a lot from their fans this year (GET THERE EARLY). There should be a great atmosphere pulsing through the stadium. I’m expecting a game more like last year’s home opener against LA.  I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but it seems very possible!

I’ve decided to test myself at line-up predictions for the rest of the matches this year.  Here goes.


Tanaka     –    Olave     –     Schuler    –     Wingert


–Grabavoy                    –                    Velasquez—


—-Espindola             –             Paulo Jr.————

I’m expecting another start for young guns Velasquez and Gil after their fantastic performances last game.  As you can probably tell, the lineup is almost the same as the starting eleven that ran over Los Angelas.

Expect a great match! GO REAL!