Archive | March 14, 2012

Various information and an interview with Jason Kries

A lot of news for you all today surrounding various subjects such as the upcoming match this Saturday, Jason Kries’ appearance on’s Extratime Radio, and other various random items.

First of all, the random but pertinent stuff:  Three RSL personnel were nominated in different categories of the Governor’s State of Sports Awards.  Kyle Beckerman features in the College/Pro Athlete Male category, Saborio’s backheel against the Sounders is one of the nominees for Play/Highlight of the Year category, and Jason Kries is up for running for the Coach of the Year award.  This is the competition’s inaugural year, so be sure to participate and support Real! (Just a side note: Be sure to click the vote button on the RIGHT side of the thumbnail.)

Also, news was released today that Javier Morales and Alvaro Saborio received their green cards.  This is nothing less than huge as it frees up the international slots in our roster that we needed open.

The last of the slightly random stuff pertains to this weekend’s home opener against the Red Bulls.  Firstly, the game may be on St. Patrick’s Day, but WEAR RED, NOT GREEN.  You’re much more likely to get pinched for not wearing red to the game.  However, the only green products that will be okay for the game will be the classy looking green jerseys we had for Earth Day back in 2008 and the all-new special edition green scarves that you can get at the team store this week along with a voucher for tickets in the north section of the stadium for $35.  Also, a huge thing is going to happen before the match for the first time in Real Salt Lake history:  A march to the match!  That’s right,  meet at the outside the south end of the stadium near the Colonel’s Corner at 7:30 to join others in walking around the stadium and singing and  shouting your guts out for the Claret and Cobalt!

Now on with the gist of this post.’s analysts at Extratime Radio decided to call up our coach Jason Kries and ask his opinion on a few things.  It was an interesting interview.  You can go ahead and check it out on the MLS website, but I’ll be covering most of it here.

When asked about how much stock he put into the win against LA, Jason Kries responded, “Enough stock to gain confidence. . . Am I gonna say that we’re gonna be the best team in the league because of that win?  Absolutely not.”  He went on to say that he knows what it’s like to play in both the CCL and MLS and acknowledges the stresses that the Galaxy are forced to deal with.

The guys on ET Radio seemed to be very interested in Velasquez (as most everybody is these days).  Kries said that he realized that this was the first time he had ever started a rookie in the first game of the year.  But this start came under several specific circumstances.  Firstly, Tian has shown that he deserves it by working extremely hard throughout the entire preseason.  Also, the start was greatly affected by the absences from the regular starting IX.

According to Jason, the injury situation seems to be getting slightly worse.  Apparently a few guys won’t be able to shake off some knocks from the clash in Los Angelas.  Tony Beltran took a hit to the knee and will most likely sit out the match this weekend.  Both Sabo and Javi’s schedules got backed up.  Javier hurt his knee when he scored his goal.  Alvaro knocked up his knee in training.  Neither are expected to contribute any more than they did in the opening game of the season.  Will Johnson is still out for the next few weeks as he recovers from his surgery in Germany.  Nat Borchers seems to be getting better.  He featured in the reserve game against FC Dallas that the RSL second team eventually lost 3-1.  Ironic huh?  Anyway, coach says to expect more newer and younger guys to get some time against New York.