Match Preview: Season Opener @ LA Galaxy

All of the offseason has built up to today.  Everything kicks off tonight against the LA Galaxy.  But what can we expect from Real?  And what about LA?  Reports show that neither team will play their strongest line-up.

LA played Wednesday against Toronto in a dramatic CCL quarterfinal.  They’ll be playing the second leg this coming week.  Because every team wants to do what RSL did and is trying to copy their success that almost won it all (go as far as possible in the Champions League) the Galaxy will be resting several starters.  Who they rest and for how much of the game is up in the air though.  We could see Landycakes and Becks playing a full 90.

RSL, on the other hand will not be playing all its starters due to an injury dilemma that has carried on from last season to now.  Luckily for Real fans, the injuries seem to be healing up.  And unless more players get injured we should be seeing a full-strength RSL squad in a month.  It’s been a long time since that’s happened.  At least for any substantial amount of time.  Real had their starting XI against Seattle in the first leg of the playoffs last season.  And we destroyed them with a clobbering 3-0.  But, we saw our centerbacks pick up some injuries that still haven’t been entirely shaken off.

Will Johnson will not start for sure.  He went to Germany to have a sports hernia surgery.  Instead of rejoining Real Salt Lake when he planned to, he took the advice of fellow Canadian and MLSer Pat Onstad and stayed in Germany for an extra recovery day.  Borchers is not expected to see any time on the pitch either.

Some players that you most likely will see in their limited time are Alvaro Saborio, who’s birthday is coming up (See Upcoming Events), and Javi Morales.  Both may start, but with their knocks still healing, neither should be expected to go a full 90.  I’d guess that if we had a two goal lead at half time, both Javi and Sabo would go off.  I’m not predicting any lead like that though and I think that they’ll each play 50-70 minutes.

So all in all, we should see some faces that weren’t present on the team last year in the Real Salt Lake line-up.  We can only hope for the best and support our team to the end.  make sure to watch it on channel 4 at 8:30 tonight!


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